A cool and unique independant retail clothing store for BABY - CHILD - TWEENS - TEENS. A stockist of many quality Australian Designed Brands offering the latest trends and age appropriate clothing styles. Newborn to size 16
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    Large Backpacks


    Alimasy exists to bring children’s bags to the market which grown-ups can trust to deliver in terms of design, quality and price and kids will love for their fun, colourful and on trend prints and patterns.

    Prior to launching Alimasy, we had been selling kids backpacks and bags for many years in our retail store. Over the years we saw first-hand how the quality of children’s bags was decreasing as more and more manufacturers were pursuing the “make it cheaply as possible” approach.

    Yet at the same time, prices of bags were continuing to rise in response to increased supply chain costs (particularly in relation to the covid19 pandemic). For manufacturers reliant on distributors to sell their products, this led to even higher prices being passed on to consumers. 

    The result is the children’s bag category had become full of cheap bags which just didn't last, or over-priced bags with an equally short lifespan.

    Alimasy exists to fix this problem. 


    We stand 100% behind the quality for your peace of mind.