A cool and unique independant retail clothing store for BABY - CHILD - TWEENS - TEENS. A stockist of many quality Australian Designed Brands offering the latest trends and age appropriate clothing styles. Newborn to size 16
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    Funkita HQ is located in Melbourne, Australia. They pack as much style and creativity into every piece of their swimwear, activewear, clothing and accessories as they can. Whether you’re in the water or on the land, it’s their mission to ensure their bold, colourful prints keep you inspired day in and day out, and their long-lasting, comfy styles keep you moving, even through your most challenging workout. They’re the brand that want you to trust and love, from the quality of their products to our support of rising athletes and the community around us. 

    Whether you’re a world champion athlete or an everyday athlete with global dreams, Funkita is committed to providing athletes with products that will survive the hardest session. They understand for every moment of exhilaration, there are thousands of laps, turns, starts, jumps and steps to get there. In every product they make a commitment to maximise the quality of our inputs while maintaining the most affordable price. They’re not the cheapest product on the market because we pay for the highest quality inputs and maintain strict manufacturing standards, but we’re not the most expensive either because we don’t invest in extravagant marketing campaigns that in the end, are paid for by the customer.

    So we’re excited you’ve discovered Funkita and we hope you decide to make them a part of your journey.