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All boys short sleeve tees now only $20.00. 25% OFF L/S Tees/Tops/Jeans/Pants
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    2019 has been a little unkind

    New Labels are coming!!

    New Labels are coming!!

    I'm so excited to announce....

    Innocence and Attitude is now a stockist of the labels, Minti, Missie Munster & Munster Kids, Huckleberry Lane Sleepwear and Seafolly Girls Swimwear.

    Due to indent ordering, you will see lots of Summer styles in-store and online from about August onwards.

    If I'm lucky enough, I'll get may hands on some winter styles.

    Huckleberry Lane sleepwear is available in-store now...

    New Season Boys and Girls styles now available!!

    New Season Boys and Girls styles now available!!

    Its February and the New Season styles have started to arrive!!

    St Goliath Boys, Tahlia by Minihaha & Bardot Junior Girls have sent some amazing styles already. Pants, Jeans, Tops, Tees, Jumpers, Jackets, shirts, pinafores & dresses, leggings etc.

    Indie Kids by Industrie wont be far away!   

    Check out the styles in-store at 92 Chapman Street Swan Hill Victoria Australia or Online -

    2019 has been a little unkind!!

    2019 has been a little unkind!!

    Hello there! How are you all? How has the New year been thus far. Theres been a lot happening here at Innocence and Attitude Kids Clothing Store Swan Hill.  

    First being that the owners of the building, our Landlords, where we are located, put it up for sale early January. That's all good!! We were aware this could happen. 

    Followed by an unprecedented heatwave for three weeks in a row in January. We really copped it here in North Western Victoria etc. Temperatures of 40 - 48 degrees. Who wants to go out in that kind of heat. Never alone go to the shops or try on clothes. Crazy weather!! Swan Hill was like a ghost town.  

    Followed by the news that the label SUDO is no longer. They are closing their doors. And they aren't fulfilling our Winter orders. Awesome so there goes a lot of my girls styles. 

    And then a few days later, I was informed MOSSIMO is no longer going to stock independant stores. I'm a stockist of this label. They are taking their label to TARGET. Yes.....Target. What are they thinking!!! How are they going to offer the same quality knowing they cant expect the same RRP in Target stores. Absolutely bummed. The NEW girls summer styles were amazing. Its been a premium brand for a long time.  

    On the upside, I have been constantly searching for suitable brands for my store. And I'm pleased to announce Munster Kids - Boys and Girls styles will be available at Innocence and Attitude in the very near future. You will hopefully see some winter styles, but definitely Summer 2019. So keep an eye out for those!!

    Here's hoping February is a little kinder....    :) 

    Cheers Carrie-Ann